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How To Join NJMEA

The New Jersey Music Educators Association is a Federated State Unit of NAfME: National Association for Music Education. 

NAfME is a voluntary, nonprofit organization representing all phases of music education in schools, colleges, universities, and teacher-education institutions. Active NAfME membership is open to all persons engaged in music teaching or other music education work. NAfME is the largest professional organization of its kind in the world. The official magazine of NAfME is the Music Educators Journal. The official magazine of the NJMEA is TEMPO Magazine.

In order to join NJMEA you must be a member of NAfME: National Association of Music Education. You must select NJ as your home state when you join NAfME. Please be sure to include all the information requested on their registration form including email address.

Use the link below to go to their website.

To "Join" NAfME/NJMEA click this link: http://www.nafme.org/join/

To "Renew" your membership click this link: http://www.nafme.org/login/?continue_to=renew

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