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Band Ranges
Band Ranges

All-State Band Instrument Ranges

New Jersey All State Band
Instrument Ranges

Range: Compass refers to WRITTEN NOTE
rather than concert pitch sounded.

Piccolo D4 to B-flat 6
Flute C4 to C7
Oboe B-flat 3 to E-flat 6
English Horn B 3 to D6
Bassoon B-flat 1 to B-flat 4
E-flat Clarinet E3 to G6
B-flat Clarinet E3 to G6
Alto Clarinet E-flat 3 to C6
Bass Clarinet E-flat 3 to C6
Contra Clarinet E-flat 3 to C6
Alto, Tenor, and
Baritone Saxophone
B-flat 3 to F6
Trumpet (Cornet) F#3 to C6
French Horn C3 to C6
Trombone E2 to B-flat 4
Bass Trombone G1 to G4
Euphonium (treble) F#3 to C6
Euphonium (bass) E2 to B-flat4
Tuba E1 to B-flat 3
Keyboard Percussion Full range of instrument

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