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 June 17, 2015



Date: August 4, 2015
Time: 8am-5:30 pm
Location: The College of New Jersey, Arts & Technology Building

Top Ten Reasons to Register for the Summer Workshop...Now!

 To Begin with: Dr. Peter Boonshaft will be visiting with us!

And now if that didn’t convince you…

10. Best registration fee for breakfast, lunch, workshops, networking, closing reception & Rachel’s Raffle…what a deal!

 9. An old but useful instrument in the closet- fix it on site with our resident repair Meister Dave Kaplan.

8. Non string-woodwind-brass- percussion player-choral teacher? Get teaching tips from the pros.

7. Experience Digital assessment tips, Audio System Setup, Garage Band apps.

6. Classroom music specialists: Sing, Dance, Move with Orff, & SPED resources.

5. I-Jam with I-DJ Ricky D and bring it back to the kids.

4. Loosen Up: Drum circle away.

3. Network with your colleagues over breakfast, lunch, dessert and coffee.

2. When the day is done...alot of summer left to enjoy !!

1. Why Not !?!

Register now! See you on August 4!  We’ll remind you when it get’s close.

Watch for updates via Tempo Express, and on our homepage at the NJMEA Conferences Link. You can view the developing session grid as well, and plan your day ahead of time.

Summer Workshop VIII
Register before June 30th and save $$.
Before June 30 = $75.00; After June 30 = $85.00
After August 1st = $100.00 

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